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ITR Update

Welcome to the brilliant, updated Into The Red Records site! As you can see, we’ve made a few changes, painted the walls, beaten the carpets and generally smartened things up on the presentation.

But that’s not all. Although Andy Parker’s solo instrumental albums continue as our mainstay, there are several new additions to the selection… With Listening at the Keyhole, Tranquille and Midas Touch Andy has continually pushed ahead with his blend of latin, blues and reggae instrumental guitar and the journey it has taken him on.

But things have moved on somewhat – there’s not only a group involved, but some previously ‘lost’ work featuring two different projects, PLUS a new solo acoustic work AND (whisper it) a possible new artist releasing on the label – though that will have to stay under wraps for a while yet! Sorry to be a tease…

The first there is the work by Andy Parker & The Internationales, a band featuring two old friends, Andy Duncan and Chris Bihlmaier, as co-writers on two albums: Burn With A Brighter Flame and Mirrorball. Both also feature several other old musical compatriots that stretch back to Andy’s studio days in a punchy, updated sound that pushes his sound further than ever! Check out his page above…

Also now included is the collection of ‘missing’ tapes of Andy’s band Coolwater – recorded at the group’s studio in London’s Wapping district, left in a cab and only recently recovered. Both sessions are available to hear complete.

Also included are the Englandland series – these are a set of spoken-word-over-music pieces arrived at when Andy was at a particular musical crossroads, after Tranquille – read the interview with him as you stream the full recordings…

And his latest work, as John Villiers, is the release of his solo acoustic guitar work, Pastoral, in March 2020. Using his middle names for a change, Andy has compiled an entirely new set of open-tuning instrumental works for you to enjoy! Talk about a new selection, eh!

For further biographical material about Andy Parker, check out his page after this. You can also find an article about and an interview with him on by Brazilian journalist Antonio Celso Barbieri.

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