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Midas Touch:


You know, you really should get in more – this latest collection of Andy Parker’s atmospheric Instrumental dub/blues chill-out music is here to help you to Turn on, Tune in and Drop off...

Midas Touch continues a theme started on my two previous albums (soon to be on CDBaby), of making a laid-back, spacey collection of guitar instrumentals – more music-to-come-home-to, than music-to-go-out-to, if you know what I mean.

“Like a lot of guitarists, I generally listen to other guitar players for relaxation. I am always trying to capture that combination of cool relaxation from the first Wes Montgomery Trio LP, the sprightliness and energy of anything by Ernest Ranglin, the eloquence and style of BB King, the bite and control of Roy Buchanan or the sheer melodic power of Mick Taylor or Dave Gilmour. The endless quest…

“My years working in studios as a dub-mixing and general-recording engineer, as well as playing guitar in bands, which all seemed so separate for so long, came together after a motorbike crash and since then, the direction has seemed obvious. I wonder why I never thought of it before…?

“When I started these recordings, I thought I knew exactly what I would have at the end – more or less, anyway. However, as I neared the end of the mixing sessions, a whole bunch of new tunes appeared unexpectedly, like old friends at a party. Well, what could I do? I had to entertain them. It turned out to be a bonus, refreshing what I already had and allowing me to vary the album tracking considerably; however, it also left me with more material than I could put out on a single CD, and since the budget didn’t stretch to two releases, it became a double album – I promise to try and keep it down to single albums again after this, though…”

Turn On, Tune in and Drop Off…

Andy Parker - Drop Me In Rio (Midas Touch)

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