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Coolwater 1 – The Lost Sessions:

“Recorded in a dank, damp cellar near the Radcliffe Highway, close to the river, we set about recording the set, with a view to a possible release. to begin with they were to help us get gigs around town.

“Despite being put down on digital multitrack, a combination of bits of kit that we owned, there were considerable technical limitations, not least caused by the damp attacking the amps and leaving us reeking of mould when we returned home at night! We managed to get a fair amount down on the first take – I’ve always been a devotee of ‘first takes’ from my studio years, since they contain the energy that keeps the song vibrant.

“Basically, it was a ‘bubblegum’ set that nicked influences from all through my past: Motown, ’70s Glam pop, upbeat ’60s tunes that returned to me as I sat down to write, all favourites of one kind or another. I also wanted a set that would let us play in pubs that normally paid to have a covers band entertain the locals! Might as well get some money out of the effort to keep the band together…

“Even after recovering the missing tapes after a long absence they still hold up well – not perfect, but well. I’d have replaced some of the lead vocals, given the chance, and remixed them all, but the performance is there and, really, I’d only sung the tunes in the first place because there was no-one else available and, besides I wanted to write the set and get out gigging soonest. Much as I favour democracy in a band, sometimes it’s better just have the idea, get it out and do it, rather than spending time staring at your shoes waiting for someone to have a good idea!”

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