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Englandland EP3:

“By the third Englandland episode, things had moved on a bit and I had a painting studio in Wapping and was starting to exhibit paintings more regularly. Both these two changes gave me Shut Up and Drive and some impetus to complete a trio of releases. Why three should be an important number, I’m not sure, though some ancient cabalistic stuff likes them too, but it always seems to me that an idea has arrived at completeness if it exists in threes, at least…after all, doing something just once might be considered a fluke, but three suggests a body of work!  

It was also time to bring back the last of the lost-rock-star writings with Bob’s Words, where I finally get close to our hero, or at least his brother and manager, using secret knowledge I had acquired along the way that enabled me to finally secure an interview. As it turned out a new album was due and my reluctant target was willing to ‘do press’ as they say. Good timing hadn’t deserted me…

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