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Coming soon to all major streaming and download platforms! In the meantime you can check out Dan Whaley’s radio programme, featuring one of the new tunes off Unsung (go to 1hr 38mins): Dan Whaley “Out of Limits” show on Mixcloud



By combining his wide range of influences into his debut album, with an acoustic guitar John Villiers has created a languid, evocative and atmospheric mood, as he takes the listener on a journey and leads them to a distant horizon…

“Having had to scrap the original acoustic album I had planned, which should have come after I’d released Tranquille, I decided it was time to have another go. Although I’d erased all the tracks from that time, I still had four favourites that I wanted to revive. In one case, it meant re-writing the way that I played the chorus of one of them quite extensively, but to my relief it actually improved it. By chance, the opportunity came to allow me to play a selection live at The House Of Qualia in Brighton, one of the exhibiting houses in their Open House show in 2019.

“The tunes arrived quickly, one after another and before I knew it, I had enough for more than one album! On my return to London I sat down and started to record them. I was helped also by the kindness of old friends no longer with us who’d left me their guitars. Like most guitarists, having a new instrument is a challenge that can often lead them to interesting creations and so it proved – and since I was now working in various open tunings as well, it allowed me to concentrate on the music and not just the constant tuning!”